The power that moves the world!

The power that moves the world!

The power that moves the world! 2466 1647 Spii

A universe of beauty and loving sweetness; of strength, courage and determination; of intelligence and talent!
They are daughters, friends, wives, mothers, but also workers, managers and high officials of the State.

Like every year, we wish to celebrate March 8: International Women’s Day.
A day dedicated to memory and reflection on the political, social and economic achievements of the fair sex.

What is the origin?

The history of the Women’s day dates back to the early twentieth century.

For several years, the origin of March 8 was related to a tragedy that occurred in 1908, which had as protagonists the workers of the Cotton textile industry in New York, whom were killed by a fire.

However, the facts that really led to the institution of Women’s Day are linked to the events regarding the struggle for the vindication of women’s rights, including the right to vote.

The mimosa

UDI – the union of Italian women – was founded in Italy in 1945. This association choose the mimosa like the symbol of Women’s Day.

A fragrant flower that blooms in this period, in which many yellow dots united in the same twig, be a symbol of closeness and solidarity between womens.

The philosophy of inclusion

On March 8, we want to celebrate all women, especially our women of SPII … but not only!

Today is a special day, commemorating gender parity, a concept we should remember every day and which should bring us back to a broader view of inclusion.

Where inclusion means celebrating PEOPLE as such, with their many facets, regardless of the female or male gender.

Because only together can we make a difference and achieve great goals, careless of our gender, our ideals or our role.

It is a day to remember that there are no limits unless we decide.
Because we, as human beings, can do everything.


Happy Women’s Day & Happy Inclusion Day by SPII.

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli