Our Solutions

AC/DC Rail

Roof switch

Configurable products for 3KV DC /25KV AC railway disconnectors

For roof applications, used in electric traction for:
Disconnectors: for line earthing
Change-over switches: for the configuration of electric circuits

Knife switch

Knife switch disconnectors

Knife switch used for high voltage circuits earthing, downstream of the traction converters. The blades are operated directly by the maintenance operator using an insulation stick in this configuration.

Modular HV switch

Modular and multipole solution for applications from 600V to 3KV DC

The SD, SE, SDE and SCO series switches, designed according to a modularity concept, can be used in various fields of electric traction and they are implemented for securing overhead lines:

AC and DC contactors

AC and DC contactors for critical applications

Electrics for rolling stock

We ensure uninterrupted operation


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