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V-DESK – HMI Validation Tool

A flexible Validation and Developing Tool for Modern Innovative Railway Driver Desk Applications.

The world is evolving, especially towards the technological path. It is changing faster than ever and we are changing with it!

User Centered Design is a framework of processes in which usability goals, user characteristics, environment, tasks and workflow of a product, service or process are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process.

The main difference from other product design philosophies is that UCD tries to optimize the devices around, how users can, want, or need to use them. In this way the operators are not forced to change their behavior and expectations to accommodate the product.

In order to create an efficient, validated and really useful tool, it is necessary to borrow these technologies from those who use them successfully every day.

SPII and Italdesign have thus merged virtual reality and physical products into a single tool that sees man at the center of the decision-making process as a cornerstone, giving life to an innovative Validation Tool, V-DESK.

Starting from the operator’s needs, V-Desk aims to revolutionize the environment by highlighting ergonomics, man-machine interface and design to recreate a safe, intelligent and highly technological space.

Designers and engineers took advantage of the brand new Italdesign Concept Lab tool, recently patented, used here for the first time in a sector outside the Automotive context.

By mixing virtual, augmented reality and full-scale physical maquettes, SPII and Italdesign were able to design and implement new solutions and ergonomic features to create a unique, modern and operator-based workspace.

The main advantages of this technology are focused on maximizing the flexibility of projects and customer’s customizations, reducing time to market and, consequently, optimizing the costs arising from product variants, which today represent the major obstacle to innovation.


The ambition of today’s mission of SPII meets the needs of the Car Builder by seeking the perfect mix of Technology, Design and Style, maximizing the levels of safety that are offered to the Driver.
V-DESK aims to be the reference tool for the Car Builder who needs to make the shortest possible path between Idea and Industrialization, passing through the validation of his product.
V-DESK offers an innovative cab design method based on the most advanced VR technologies on the market today.

The union between Virtual technology and physical structure, defined Embodiment, allows the creation of a complete and immersive experience in which the customer is able to recreate the most suitable scenario for the development and validation of his product.

A mature technology, already widely used successfully in automotive design, redefines the new design and validation standards for the railway sector.

Thus, configuring the experience is much more streamlined and efficient than creating a physical mockup. Virtual reality, flexible, intelligent and versatile, allows you to drastically reduce the production times of prototypes:
12-16 weeks vs V-Desk 4-5 weeks

Thanks to the fusion of virtual and real objects in the same tool, the perception is completely equivalent to that of a physical mockup (traditional solution) offering numerous advantages in terms of customization.

The incredible flexibility that characterizes V-DESK makes the redesign of the control desk more efficient in response to any requests for changes in style and ergonomics by the customer.

Thanks to the possibility of sharing the experience with people in different parts of the world, more subjects can live the identical situation equally in the same “virtual room”, giving life for the first time to a concept of scalability.

The most interesting and/or most critical components (MC, Keyboard, Display) can be positioned, evaluated and defined in real time.

Technology, Ergonomics and Style. #WhereverWeCan

Strengths / Tailor made solutions

• Create and experience every scenario
• Trace every movement related to the described D.D parts
• Customize Your D.D in Design, Style, Ergonomy
• Quick insertion and prototyping of custom elements of the car builder on request
• Get Involved into the experience with haptic feedback
• Develop a solution that is ergonomically tested before installation and easily reconfigurable

Special product features

• Accurate and innovative cab design method based on VR technologies at the highest level available today
• Total Embodyment between Virtual technology and physical structure allows the creation of a complete immersive experience
• Proven technologies successfully used in car interiors design
• Immediate setting up of the experience.Flexible, smart and versatile tools allows us to drastically cut through times. • More efficient than redesigning a physical mockup. Go from one solution to another in the time of a simple click
• Configure the features of greatest interest or major criticity. Position, evaluate and move in real time, within a limit of choices and default range