Safe, ergonomic, reliable and tailor-made.

The Master Controller is one of the main HMI components.

The driver interacts directly with the vehicle by moving levers, pressing buttons and using touch-screen functions.

The control layout, handle ergonomics and tactile feedbacks can be fully customized to make the driving experience comfortable, reliable and safe.

The technology used is the result of decades of product design & development consolidated in thousands of applications worldwide.

Precision mechanics is fully integrated with electromechanical, pneumatic and electronic systems.
The vehicle interface can be customized and configured by means of electric and pneumatic connections and/or communication protocols (Can Open, ethernet, Profinet etc).
The most suitable safety level can be defined for each function, including SIL certification.

All of our products are validated in compliance with the strict railway regulations and according to the design rules defined on the basis of know-how and feedback received from the field.

SPII has developed over time an extremely wide range of solutions and technologies available to customers to identify and configure the best solution for each specific application.

SPII is the Center of Competence of Schaltbau Group and Thanks to its international presence is close to its customers and focuses on meeting the operator’s requirements worldwide, offering its historical engineering experience in terms of Technology, Style and Ergonomics.

Technology, Ergonomics and Safety. #WhereverWeCan