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Intellicockpit Solutions

Driver Desk – Human Machine Interface

Plug&play fully tested integrated Driver Desk for railway vehicles and any kind of HMI application.

SPII designs and manufactures complete Driver Desks and Control Panels together with on-board and Remote Control Interfaces for any kind of Hmi application.

IntelliArm – Human Machine Interface

A revolutionary product. The Driver Desk as a meeting point between Ergonomics, Style & Design, winner of the “Red Dot Outstanding Design 2021” award.

IntelliArm was created to be a completely innovative driving position, a product that presents itself as a real evolution of our already established human-machine interface solutions.

V-DESK – HMI Validation Tool

A flexible validation and development tool for modern and innovative applications for railway shunting benches.

Our world is constantly evolving, especially on the technological front. An ever faster change in which we are totally immersed.

Master Controller

Safe, ergonomic, reliable and tailor-made.

The Master Controller is one of the main HMI components. The driver interacts directly with the vehicle by moving levers, pressing buttons and using touch-screen functions.

Display – Human Machine Interface

Evolution of HMI

Displays and Touch Screens for interface management between the operator and the control systems, both in the railway sector and in other industry applications.

Footrest – Human Machine Interface

Technology, Ergonomics and Style together for comfort and wellness achievement, an essential condition for improving life and work quality.

A proper posture is essential inside in a driver cabin like in a any kind of workstation. In this context, the legs position plays a central role, especially when certain pedals and foot-controlled sensitive surfaces are present.

Haptic Panels – Human Machine Interface

Haptic feedback enter in the HMI solution by Spii, Center of Competence of Schaltbau Group for Intellicockpit Solution

Touch Screen with haptic feedback at the service of interface management between the operator and the vehicle’s driving and control systems.


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