We are Spii, we are your
Strategic Partner Intelligent Interface

About Us

Spii, an engineering vocation and technical experience merge to write the story of a never stopping company. 

SPII was founded in Milan in 1947 by Angelo Foiadelli as an Industrial Engineering Firm.

In the late 80’s under the leadership of Roberto Foiadelli, it became a market leader for components and safety devices for railway and industrial applications.

Since 2015 has been the global Centre of Competence of the Schaltbau Group as Strategic Partner Intelligent Interface.

Spii story is written in its heritage: an engineering vocation combined with manufacturing experience makes possible to merge Technology, Ergonomics and Style in solutions in which the human being is at the center.



Engineering in SPII is an on-going journey, with the curiosity of who explore, and the courage of who passionately face new challenges for redefine the way to interact with reality.

Inspiration come from people, by the desire to grow and learn, to create a space in which creativity, skills and different cultures can be combined.

People who with Passion, Curiosity and Courage develop and produce Products.

Products where Technology, Ergonomics and Style put people at the center.

Wherever there is inspiration, wherever curiosity leads, wherever there is passion, WhereverWeCan

logo origin

This mark tells a story and is the expression of our company soul by means of two specifically targeted elements (Slash and Backslash).

Just as driving a train and observing two parallel lines converging at infinity, so a rail segment in central perspective, takes shape through the signs Slash and Backslash on a computer keyboard.

Think Global Act Local

An Italian company integrated into a German multinational group with subsidiaries all over the world. Technology, Ergonomics and Style Made in Italy brought with method and effectiveness in all the countries of the world. The Italian capacity of the tailor-made and the local action combined with the methodical approach of a German multinational group.

Image of spii designer


On one side, the Man

On the other side, the Machine

In between the technology: reliable and safe

SPII is:

IRIS Certification based on ISO TS 22163
EN 15085_2_2020_CL1
CMMI Maturity Level 2
SGC Trenitalia COCS 30.6/DT – SGI Trenord P096
ISO 45001
Quality Performance Level Statement


The production department is the heart of the company: where products take shape.

A modern and highly equipped place where all quality, technical, technological and safety standards are respected, thanks to the people who work there every day.

It is supported in real time by the engineering and 3D prototyping departments through digital information send directly at the workstations.

Image of spii factory
Images with sustainable development point

Social Responsibility

The future has its foundation in the present. Many cultural and educational activities are available to students: meetings, internships, work-study courses and the Spii EVO Graduate Programme.

From high school to university, young people live the opportunity to experience the latest technologies of our industry, to find out how important it is to work with enthusiasm and that sharing ideas and know-how leads to responsible growth both culturally and ethically.

Innovation doesn’t make any sense if it is not oriented toward sustainability.

Plastic free. The offices and production floors are equipped with dispensers that treat, cool and carbonate tap water. Protecting the environment is an integral part of all company activities. Everyday habits like this can make the world a better place, WhereverWeCan.

Vision & Mission

SPII, founded in 1947, has been providing tailor-made hi-tech solutions to its customers with the aim of solving problems since the very beginning.

OUR VISION is to put the Human Being at the center of a fully automatized and robotized world of the future.

Advanced machinery, processors and robots won’t deprive the human being of his needs, virtues and uniqueness but, on the contrary, the interaction between the two of them will be encouraged.

OUR MISSION is to provide the best interaction conditions between man and machine by means of #technology, #style and #ergonomics.

It results that we are determined to spread our knowledge all over the world as STRATEGIC PARTNER INTELLIGENCE INTERFACE (SPII) according to our role of MAN – MACHINE INTERFACE SYSTEM COMPETENCE CENTRE.

Regardless of the machine type.

Our task, as ambassadors of Schaltbau Group, is to provide the Italian Market with products and services intended for electric traction, New Mobility and last but not least New Generation Energy Environments.

Always bearing in mind the importance and priority of increasing environmental, economic and social sustainability, we constantly carry out our duties with uncommon #passion, #curiosity and #courage.


Satellite image of Europe with evidence from Italy and Germany highlighted

SPII is the Global Center of
Competence of the Schaltbau Group

Since 2015, Spii has become the Centre of Competence of Schaltbau, the international German group. 

This partnership has enabled the company to expand its activities worldwide, making tailor-made products for railway vehicles in the United States, China, Korea, Russia and many other countries in the most remote corners of the world.

This close collaboration has created an important synergy also in systems for industry, New mobility and renewable energy sources.

On the Italian market, SPII provides all the Schaltbau group products and offers support before and after sale.