Haptic Panels – Human Machine Interface

Haptic feedback enter in the HMI solution by Spii, Center of Competence of Schaltbau Group for Intellicockpit Solution

Touch Screen with haptic feedback at the service of interface management between the operator and the vehicle’s driving and control systems.

For decades, the sensorial experience associated with human machine interface was only based on visual interaction.

The sense of touch involvement, along with sight, enhances the experience perception.

 By combining its pioneering and innovative vision with a deep knowledge of applications, SPII takes its customers and operators to a new level of sensorial experience in compliance with safety functions and standards: the immediate perception of the performed command thanks to the haptic feedback.

Haptic Touch Screens represent the state-of-the art sensorial technology and are manufactured in compliance with the highest safety standards: they are designed in compliance with EN 50155 and tested according to EN (EN 61373, EN 50121) railway regulations.

They enable an extremely high level of interface configuration supporting various communication protocols (Can Open, Ethernet, Profinet etc); Styling may be customized according to the application.

SPII is the Center of Competence of Schaltbau Group and Thanks to its international presence is close to its customers and focuses on meeting the operator’s requirements worldwide, offering its historical engineering experience in terms of Technology, Style and Ergonomics.

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