Display – Human Machine Interface

Evolution of HMI

Displays and Touch Screens for interface management between the operator and the control systems, both in the railway sector and in other industry applications.

They comply with the strict railway regulations and offer high performances and reliability. Safety functions are SIL certified.

An extremely advanced interface configuration level is possible with SPII displays.

Moreover, the product styling, aesthetics and ergonomic can be complying with the UIC dimensional standards but also fully customized according to the need of the customer.

The graphic configurator enables the user to manage all the aspects easily and immediately according to their own needs.

SPII is the Competence Center of Schaltbau Group and Thanks to its international presence is close to its customers and focuses on meeting the operator’s requirements worldwide, offering its historical engineering experience and competence in terms of Technology, Ergonomics and Style.

Technology, Ergonomics and Safety. #WhereverWeCan