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AC/DC Rail

Modular HV Switch

Modular and multipole solution for applications from 600V to 3KV DC

The SD, SE, SDE and SCO series switches, designed according to a modularity concept, can be used in various fields of electric traction and they are implemented for securing overhead lines:

– Disconnectors: for disconnecting lines

– Change-over switches: for configuring electrical circuits

– Earthing switches: to guarantee safe access formaintenance staff operating in high voltage circuits and plants

Operation mode: not under electrical load.

The product can be configured depending on the specific application: number of poles, switching sequence and operative mode (manual, electric or pneumatic) are fully customizable.

Diagnostic modules can be integrated for transmitting information related to temperature, position and wear of the main contacts of CBM systems.

Metal or composite material boxes can be integrated.

Disconnectors may be fitted with safety devices: safety locks, interlocking systems or key holders.

It is possible thereby to configure solutions for enabling safe access to high voltage cabinets, panels and plants.

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  • Worldwide applications and references
  • Time saving in terms of design, prototyping and industrialization (agile method)
  • Industrialized Plug&Play solutions, tested before installation
  • Highly specialized and expert engineering support
  • Support throughout the entire product lifecycle: installation, use, maintenance and disposal
  • Worldwide customer care and support

Special product features

  • Products designed, manufactured and validated to meet the specific customer’s requirements
  • Adaptability to project requirements, albeit using standard already validated modules
  • Optimization of electrical interfaces and their position
  • Compact dimensions and flexibility of use
  • High degree of reliability
  • High safety standards
  • Wide range of voltages (600-750V DC; 3KV DC; 25KV AC: 15KV 16 2/3 AC)
  • Nominal voltage for each HV pole: 500A, with the possibility to combine several poles to support greater voltages
  • Various types of activation possibilities (electric, pneumatic, manual)
  • Auxiliary contacts for re-reading the position of the main contacts
  • Minimized “Total Cost of Ownership”
  • Possibility of SIL-certified functions
  • Possible integration of safety devices (locks, interlocking mechanisms)
  • Possible integration of devices for notifying the presence of high voltage in the circuit
  • Possibility of additional positions and auxiliary contacts for indicating the position of the main contacts to external control devices
  • Possible integration with communication control panels for CBM applications
  • Service kit available for corrective maintenance including operative instructions
  • Maintainability: easy to inspect thanks to the “open” architecture
  • Low LCC since only one lubrication operation is required, as a preventive maintenance measure, which may be carried out directly “on-site”