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 “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” (Oscar Wilde)

We have decided to give our company a new face!

We started from the place where hospitality originates and which represents our business card: the reception.

This area represents an image of the team, the cleanliness of the spaces, the services offered and the care we have towards our guests.

A good experience starts from the first second a person enters our work environment, until the moment they leave it, and we already begin to offer the best possible experience.

It is therefore about our image, the vision and the mission that we convey.

We felt it was our duty to give our reception an image that reflects us, both in terms of appearance and hospitality.

As soon as you walk through the doors of our company, our philosophy of thought is clearly visible: “Think different” – a message that invites you to think outside the box to be projected into the future in search of innovative and unconventional ideas.

Continuing towards the entrance, on the ceiling you can see a black symbol, which tells the story of a journey and expresses the soul of our company.

The symbol is oriented towards the people represented on the bottom of the wall and shapes the segment of a track in a central perspective: imagine you are driving a train observing the two parallel lines that converge to infinity.

And here we are. Projected towards a road to go and a goal to reach …. together!

Our Vision sees the human being at the center of an automated and robotic future world.

Creating the best conditions for interaction between humans and machine, through technology, style and ergonomics is our Mission.

The source of inspiration are people, their desire to grow and learn with enthusiasm and passion, their proactive contribution to create a place where creativity, skills and different cultures can coexist.

People represent the origin of technological change.

SPII technology is designed to be at the service of people, evolving while respecting the environment, thus ensuring a unique value.

This image also represents our Community: a space designed to inspire new ideas, share technologies and experiences, among people from all over the world.

During the stay at our company, the first moments of contact are relevant.

The welcome will be given by the smile of our receptionists, who will take care of creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere upon entering the company.

During the short moments of waiting, you can sit in our relaxation room and have a coffee or a glass of water offered by our staff.

Inside the room, a display with a video shows our company reality: who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We started by giving our reception a new look, but there are still a lot of projects in the pipeline and we can’t wait to show you our next changes!

Stay tuned!

WhereverWeCan – wherever inspiration lies, with passion, curiosity and courage.

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli


RECEPTION 2.0 2560 2113 Spii

“Non cè una seconda occasione per fare una buona prima impressione” (Oscar Wilde)

Abbiamo deciso di dare un nuovo volto alla nostra azienda!

Siamo partiti dal luogo in cui l’accoglienza ha origine e che rappresenta il nostro biglietto da visita: la reception.

Quest’area rappresenta un’immagine del team, della pulizia dei locali, dei servizi offerti e della cura che si ha nei confronti dei nostri ospiti.

Una buona esperienza comincia già dal primo secondo in cui una persona mette piede nel nostro ambiente di lavoro, fino al momento in cui lo lascia, e noi abbiamo intenzione di offrire la migliore esperienza possibile.

Si tratta del primo luogo con cui gli ospiti entrano a contatto con noi, raffigurando dunque la nostra immagine, la vision e la mission che vogliamo trasmettere.

Abbiamo ritenuto doveroso dare alla nostra reception un’immagine che ci rispecchi, sia in termini di aspetto che di accoglienza.

Appena si varcano le porte della nostra azienda, è ben visibile la nostra filosofia di pensiero: “Think different” – un messaggio che invita a pensare fuori dagli schemi per essere proiettati nel futuro alla ricerca di idee innovative e non convenzionali.

Proseguendo verso l’ingresso, sul soffitto si può notare un simbolo di colore nero, che racconta la storia di un viaggio ed esprime l’anima della nostra azienda.

Il simbolo è orientato verso le persone raffigurate sul fondo della parete e forma il segmento di un binario in prospettiva centrale: immaginate di trovarvi alla guida di un treno ad osservare le due rette parallele che convergono all’infinito.

Ed eccoci qui. Proiettati verso una strada da percorrere ed un traguardo da raggiungere….insieme!

La nostra Vision vede l’uomo al centro in un mondo futuro automatizzato e robotizzato.

Creare le migliori condizioni di interazione tra uomo e macchina, attraverso tecnologia, stile ed ergonomia è la nostra Mission.

La fonte di ispirazione sono le persone, il loro desiderio di crescere ed imparare con entusiasmo e passione, il loro contributo proattivo per creare un luogo in cui possano coesistere creatività, competenze e culture differenti.

Le persone rappresentano l’origine del cambiamento tecnologico.

La tecnologia di SPII è ideata per essere al servizio delle persone, evolvendosi nel rispetto dell’ambiente, garantendo così un valore unico.

Questa immagine rappresenta anche la nostra Community : uno spazio pensato per ispirare nuove idee, condividere tecnologie ed esperienze, tra persone di tutto il mondo.

Durante la permanenza presso la nostra azienda, i primi momenti di contatto sono rilevanti.

Il benvenuto sarà dato dal sorriso delle nostre receptionist, che si occuperanno di regalare un’atmosfera accogliente e calorosa al momento dell’ingresso in azienda.

Durante i brevi momenti d’attesa, ci si può accomodare nella nostra sala relax e bere un caffè o un bicchiere d’acqua offerto dal nostro staff.

All’interno della sala, un display con un video mostra la nostra realtà aziendale: chi siamo, di cosa ci occupiamo e come lo facciamo.

Abbiamo cominciato dando un nuovo aspetto alla nostra reception, ma ci sono ancora tanti progetti in ballo e non vediamo l’ora di mostrarvi i nostri prossimi cambiamenti!

Stay tuned!

WhereverWeCan – ovunque ci sia ispirazione, con passione, curiosità e coraggio.

Alla prossima puntata,
Simona Gianoli

Innovation and the power of a train drivers’ community

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We ended our latest technical article on “How to include train drivers in the design process” with a rather open question: how can you overcome all the problems and obstacles that obstruct the way towards a true User Centered Design (UCD) of train desks?

How can you really involve train drivers, the actual users, in the design process, overcoming the limits given by time, space and limited resources?

If you remember, though, we also gave you a peak into our answers: we need to make good use of the last and most evolved digital innovations.

This can be done in two ways: one is creating new innovative solutions, and it’s the direction we are working on with ItalDesign and our incredible V-Desk.

The other one is leveraging on the existing solutions, bending them to our needs towards a “social innovation”.

Today I want to tell you more about this second kind.

It all starts with a question

We started from traditional driver desks, from a console that identified us as a manufacturer of train parts.
In time, we raised our mission to man-machine interfaces that adapt to everything, a new kind of ergonomic products that opened up new scenarios: everything became possible.

A new question popped out in our heads: “what if…?”.

We understood it was not just about updating our main product, it was time to actually restart from scratch.

We wanted to challenge ourselves, our competitors and our clients.

To guide them into worlds they could not have imagined, with the courage to ignore outdated paradigms, but without totally destroying them. We wanted to connect with what already was, without precluding new worlds that we couldn’t even imagine.

So, when we started the process of designing IntelliArm, we didn’t know much.
We just had this epiphany: that we couldn’t give anything for granted.

The way things had been done until now was not clearly the best in terms of ergonomics. They were what we believed to be the only options just because no one had ever tried something different (except for Star Trek, of course).

So we knew we needed to start from scratches. From a blank space, at which center we had to place a human being, to start designing around him or her.

Not just any human being, though: we needed a train driver.
Possibly we needed more than one, so that we could confront different opinions, bodies, ways of driving, etc.

But where could we found them? And how could we convince them to offer us their practical knowledge and to spare their precious time informing our design choices?

We realized that we had the answer before our eyes.

A powerful tool at our fingertips

What am I talking about, you ask? Simple: the social networks.

Where else can you find hundred, thousands, possibly millions of people who have exactly the characteristics that you need? Where else can you interact with them as if they were one, asking them to express their opinion and listening to their voices?

We were lucky enough to have this amazing opportunity at our fingertips: SPII’s community online is strong, cohesive and engaged. The visitors from our website span to almost every Country in the world.

SPII’s LinkedIn profile in particular had grown over the years organically, counting thousands and thousands of followers from all over the World. They span among train drivers, train managers, train crew, technical personnel and so on.

We had seen it over the years, through their comments, their social shares and the technical answers they gave to our posts. We knew they had something to say.

A comment on one of our articles

This is why we did the simplest thing, something that no one had done before: we just asked them what they wanted to improve.

We wanted to lead the way.
But they needed to tell us where to go.

We didn’t know the answers…but we did know the questions!

Use the tools you already have wisely

So, we had our human being(s). We just needed the tools to listen to them and put them at the center of our design.

Wait, we had the tools! LinkedIn allowed us to do something really powerful: polls.

So we started creating polls at every step of the way, to verify and inform our choices about IntelliArm’s design.

One of our Polls on LinkedIn

The answers were extraordinary.
We knew we were on to something.
So we kept questioning.

People clearly had something to say. And they wanted to say it, eventually!

Suddenly we were swimming in comments and feedback on what was wrong and what needed improvement, directly from the people who would know it best.

We let these informations lead the way at every step of our design process, and when we were done, we knew we had something really disruptive. Not so much as to be frightening, but just enough to be a real change in the industry.

What we didn’t know was if the community of train workers would agree with us.

So we asked them.

Innovation is a delicate thing

You need to push the boundaries of what is known and is working, but not so much that people will not follow you because they are scared.

When a community of thousands of train staff confirmed our theory, we knew we had done it right.

And the success of IntelliArm, including prizes like the Red Dot we were awarded with, definitely confirmed it.

We knew it was not only a design exercise, or a new product development.
It was the beginning of a new era for the industry, one where we could change the rules of the game. 

We pictured a future that involves the users in the creation process. And we made it real.

One where the design process is bent to the human being at its center, as stated in our Vision.

Just wait and see what this “social innovation” will do when combined with “hard innovations” like V-Desk…

Until then…

See you next time,
Ilaria Cazziol




Il mondo si sta evolvendo, soprattutto verso la strada tecnologica.

Sta cambiando più velocemente che mai e noi stiamo cambiando con esso!

Negli ultimi anni la collaborazione tra SPII e Italdesign si è rafforzata e sono nate nuove idee e progetti.

La combinazione di Realtà Virtuale, Realtà Aumentata e prodotti fisici sono l’essenza di V-Desk.

Il nuovo prodotto è stato creato pensando alle esigenze del macchinista in termini di Ergonomia, Design e Tecnologia ma anche alle esigenze del costruttore di automobili di riduzione del time to market, personalizzazione e flessibilità.

Tra pochi mesi i dispositivi HMI avranno una spinta verso il futuro!

SPII e Italdesign sono lieti di annunciare una première dedicata ai TRAIN DRIVERS:

A settembre, presso la sede di Italdesign, un selezionato gruppo di macchinisti sarà il primo a vedere, toccare e provare il V-Desk.

Successivamente, la presentazione ufficiale agli operatori della formazione e ai costruttori di auto sarà durante la Fiera Expo Ferroviaria!

Benvenuti nel futuro…

No, nel presente!

V-Desk è ora realtà.

Alla prossima puntata,
Simona Gianoli




The world is evolving, especially towards the technological path.
It is changing faster than ever and we are changing with it!

During the last few years, the collaboration between SPII and Italdesign has been strengthened and new ideas and projects were born. 

The combination of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and physical products are the essence of V-Desk

The new product was created thinking about the train driver’s needs in terms of Ergonomics, Design and Technology but also the car builder’s needs of reducing time to market, customization and flexibility. 

In a few months HMI devices will get a boost towards the future!

SPII and Italdesign are pleased to announce a première dedicated to TRAIN DRIVERS

In September, at Italdesign’s headquarter, a selected group of train drivers will be the first to see, to touch and to test the V-Desk.

After that, the official presentation to train operators and car builders will be during the Expo Ferroviaria Fair!

Welcome to the future…

No, to the present!

V-Desk is now reality.

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli




Cos’è cambiato rispetto a prima dopo aver effettuato i corsi formativi dell’ Academy?

Lo abbiamo chiesto ai nostri discenti!

Ecco il pensiero di Mauro Zardoni:

Alla prossima puntata,
Simona Gianoli




La Vision di SPII mette le persone al centro.

Partendo proprio dai nostri collaboratori.

Abbiamo intervistato Francesco Colombo, in qualità di docente della nostra Academy!

Alla prossima puntata,
Simona Gianoli

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The right idea is not enough, it has to be a convincing idea

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If you truly want to change a company’s culture into one fueled by the knowledge that “it depends on me“, you need two important elements:

  • A management that promotes change, and encourages the people who work for the company to suggest how to achieve it;
  • Engaged people willing to put themselves on the line for the change they envision, offering solutions and new ideas to improve the company;

These are the fuel and the tinder that can start a positive fire, which burns down what is not essential, what doesn’t work properly, and from its ashes builds something beautiful and purposeful.

It is just the beginning, though: because good ideas are not worth much on their own. They need to have someone willing to fight for them, to see them through the good and the bad times.

Great ideas, most of all, need to be convincing: successful ideas are the ones that can be presented as solutions to common problems, with benefits for both the people and the company.

This was the kind of ideas that we wanted to scout for during our change management journey, SPII Evolution.

How do you create a pathway for people to not only gather ideas, but also to advocate and “sell” them successfully to the management? That was Evo’s challenge.

From good ideas to great ideas

The first part was easy. Well, easy if you see it in the perspective of a six-months long project, at least!

It was important to involve everyone in the process, from top to bottom. To create a strong sense of purpose in every participant, a desire to be heard, to give their input. This is why all the colleagues where divided in 4 groups: Water, Air, Fire and Earth.

Each of them was encouraged to build a strong identity as a group, for example finding a battle cry of their element or a motto, building competitiveness and desire to win.

But most of all, SPII Evo leveraged on one of the most important and universal forces that drives any human being: the desire to make a positive impact around us.

Through a set of activities, challenges and situations, we encouraged everyone to take a critical look at their surroundings with a proactive mind, and brainstorm ideas that could positively change the company, impacting both its people and its competitiveness.

And then?

From great ideas to convincing ideas

Once they gathered the best ideas, it was time to turn them into convincing ones.

And how do you do that?

Simple: you make sure people strongly believe in their importance, and then you give them the tools to properly present them.

Do you want a different chair? Do you believe it would benefit you because you would be more comfortable?
Great! But what’s in there for the company?

Does it improve your productivity? Does it reduce the cost of sick days? Does it increase morale?

A convincing idea is one that benefits each of the parts involved equally, one that is mutually beneficial.
One that you can present as a solution to everyone’s problems, that is achievable and convenient.
One you are willing to take responsibility for, because you truly believe it will be for the best of everyone involved.

These are the ideas that SPII wanted to encourage, find and carry out.

From convincing ideas to successful projects

The whole SPII Evo project combined elements of public speaking, negotiation, sales and much more. The goal was to stimulate people not only to find these ideas, but also to properly pitch them during the final event.

An official moment, when everyone felt thrilled and excited to present THEIR big idea in front of a jury and the rest of the company.

A staged event that needed to engage the audience, surprise, entertain and convince the management, and ultimately…result in real and long lasting change.

So when everyone on that great day showed up dressed with the colors of their team’s element, or shouted their battle-cry out loud, or even started playing “One vision” by Queen with an electric guitar…well, that’s when we knew it had worked really well!

Starting from real-life company issues, situations that sometimes weren’t even problematic until we started looking into them, some great ideas, convincing ideas, emerged.

Are you curious to know some of the changes that emerged from this incredible experience? A perfect example is the EVO room.

A dining area born from a need: the desire to get to know each other better within the company.

There are many ways to achieve such a goal: you could set up coffee vending machines, you could organize company events, and so on. But the best one, the one that best fit SPII’s values and its people, was to physically create a space for it.

A dining area where one could rest, meet others, engage with colleagues, eat a home-cooked meal and share it with a friend.

It was not the only right answer, but it surely was the one that best answered to a need that both the company and the people had.
And it was all completely born, raised and developed from the team who originally had it during SPII Evolution.

Because by the time the jury and the management agreed to it, it was already clear: they didn’t just suggest that idea, they had successfully sold it to the company and had become advocates of change.

See you next time,
Ilaria Cazziol




La nostra Academy ci sta dando grandi soddisfazioni!

Abbiamo deciso di chiedere ai nostri partecipanti cosa ne pensano dei corsi che stiamo svolgendo.

Ecco il parere di Marco Rusconi dopo aver effettuato il corso!

Alla prossima puntata,
Simona Gianoli



It started Red Dot Design Week: you can see award-winning project on www.red-dot.org.

We want to share with you our celebrations as Red Dot Design Award winner 2021!


See you next time,
Simona Gianoli