SPII stands for FEMALE EMPOWERMENT 1645 1363 Spii

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, SPII Management has decided to organize a special surprise for us Women!

We were invited to an interactive training webinar, promoted by Ellecubica and held by Lucilla Rizzini, whom we thank very much for this initiative.

Main topic of discussion was female self-confidence.

The word self-confidence comes from the term estimate, that is the evaluation and appreciation of oneself, which determines the ability to feel good about oneself and others.

“Belief in oneself” is a subjective process which lasts a lifetime. It depends on cognitive, affective and social factors.
An ongoing development path that conditions the way we interact with other people, our reactions and the ability or not to achieve our goals.

The need arises to think about how to have a more balanced perception of oneself, in order to improve it and to learn more and more to develop one’s potential.

The mind is like a “lens”: the vision of one’s self can be deformed, enlarged or distorted.
We should therefore learn to know the filters of this “lens”, because it is precisely the idea of ​​ourselves and the world around us that affects our self-confidence, and such distortions do not allow us to accept ourselves as we are.

What makes the difference is not the quantity, but the quality and stability of our beliefs about ourselves.

We – Women of SPII – thank you for having had the opportunity to participate in this interesting event.
We certainly bring home some more awareness on how to train, improve and increase our self-confidence!

Thanks again for this healthy dose of empowerment!!!

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli