Industrial HMIs: why not nice and easy to use?

Industrial HMIs: why not nice and easy to use?

Industrial HMIs: why not nice and easy to use? 940 589 Spii

The future is clear: our world is becoming more and more automated and technology is permeating our lives the more the time passes. Every electronic or automatic system needs to communicate with the user, just like any person speaks to each other by means of words and languages.

Throughout the years various ways have been developed to cope with this goal: in the 70’s one of the first personal computer, maybe one of the most famous due to its BASIC programming language, the Altair 8800, used LEDs to communicate its state to the user.

Then, in the 80’s, 7-segment display dominated the era (just think about KITT from Knight Rider). The 90’s were the time of alphanumerical displays. The last twenty years saw the development of a progressively evolved way to use and to be kept in touch with technology.

We are used to interact with machines: from the washing machine to our cars, passing from our smartphone, there is one big and most important interface to let us communicate with them: the display.

Displays, even in bigger machines like trains, are the main window to see what’s going on inside this extremely complex system. SPII can manage the challenge of making this possible: to ensure the best view of the entire environment while retaining ease of use, ergonomics and style, in the Italian way of creating superb products.

This is paired with state-of-the-art technologies: Intel or ARM architectures, capacitive touch and numerous display form factors and size available to be integrated in a custom, reliable and, most of all, safe design. Safe because our solutions are also SIL2 according to EN 50129 and already employed for ETCS signalling onboard of trains driver desks.

Moreover, the modularity of our technology ensures quick time to market, even for the most customized solution. We never forget our mission of guaranteeing the best state of the art technology, fused with ergonomics and style, to keep our automatic world always on track.

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