Take a break with SPII

Take a break with SPII

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Break area, relaxation area or lounge area – whatever you call it – a space to relax, which is a plus for our company.

It represents an important zone, not only for employees, but also for the entire productivity of the company.

As trivial as it may seem, taking your eyes and mind off the computer screen has significant benefits; precisely for this reason we have decided to renovate our break areas.


The heart of the matter is undoubtedly the psychophysical well-being of people.

It all starts with simple actions, such as getting away from your desk for a while and going to a different place.

This allows us to break the rhythm of activities and routine chores by doing something that brings us back into contact with the body.

In this way, it is possible to clear the mind and reduce the level of stress accumulated during the working activity, thus bringing attention and interest back to a higher level than before.

Having an area in which to put the commitments that mark the working day on standby is a great advantage.

And just thinking about well-being in the workplace, we have created specially designed areas capable of offering a relaxing environment, during which you can recharge your batteries and dedicate some time to yourself

Greater relaxation leads to a level of optimization and efficiency that can improve everyone’s work experience.



In addition to being an area for well-being, the break area favors interactions between colleagues, identifying itself as a fertile ground for the exchange of opinions and the birth of new ideas.

Spending relaxing moments with colleagues means cultivating relationships, getting to know each other better and creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere in the team.

While chatting, valid and very stimulating ideas can also arise that, probably, between phone calls and deadlines to be met, would never have emerged during the normal working day.

The break area in the company plays an important role in this respect: even if you take a break from work, the main topic of conversation will always be the one that binds everyone, namely work projects. It often happens that, when chatting without feeling the anxiety of deadlines, interesting and innovative proposals are more likely to emerge.

Furthermore, a particular and very relevant sociological aspect concerns the quantity and quality of interactions that can develop at multiple levels, thus eliminating the barriers that usually arise due to the role played within the company.

SALA EVO – Break Hall of Spii

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli