Rail vehicles in good hands and feet

Rail vehicles in good hands and feet

Rail vehicles in good hands and feet 1473 982 Spii

Footrests with DSD switches allow the driver to operate the driver safety device from an ergonomic seating position while keeping hands free. Additional functions, as horn activation and track sanding can be integrated. An optional heatable base plate provides additional comfort in winter.

Footrests and DSD switches can be found in railway vehicles all around the world, characterized by a high degree of safety over the many years of operation typical of railway vehicles.

Generally, footrests are customized product developments because of the need for adaptions required by each specific customer, based on the desk integration and country of operation.

The modular design and constructions of our robust, shock and vibration-proof footrests creates a large variation in the design of the final product, which will be customer-specific, reliable, rugged, low-maintenance and ergonomics, for even more safety.

Every footrest meets all the requirements of the rail vehicle manufacturers and of the railway’s standard, and are notable for their solid construction and high reliability.

The design of these devices follows the structural requirements of railways vehicles according to the standard EN 12663.  This standard specifies the loads vehicle equipment should be capable of sustaining and presents the principles to be used for design validation by analysis and testing, in order to guarantee the resistance of the object.

All the footrests are tested according to a comprehensive type test program and are compliant with the severe railways’ standards and the customer specifications.

One of the most severe tests to which the footrest is subjected is the shock and vibration test, according to standard EN 61373. This test specifies the requirements for testing equipment intended for use on railway vehicles which are subsequently subjected to vibrations and shock owing to the nature of railway operational environment. To demonstrate the quality of the product, it has to withstand tests that simulate the service conditions seen throughout its expected life.

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