SPII at VTM 2022: Future Mobility Hub

SPII at VTM 2022: Future Mobility Hub

SPII at VTM 2022: Future Mobility Hub 893 501 Spii

The Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meeting (30-31 March 2022) is held at Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino in Turin and is the only business convention in Italy dedicated to the automotive and transport industry. It is the stage where twenty-five countries, through over three hundred companies in the mobility sector, are dealing with a series of issues at the heart of the current transition to an increasingly ecological technology, from vehicles to infrastructure to services for people.

Many topics at the center of the debate: the digitalization of processes, the electrification of vehicles and batteries, hydrogen and innovative propulsion systems, autonomous driving, connectivity, micro mobility and new models of sustainable and smart mobility.

The international business convention welcomes buyers and decision makers from the world’s leading OEM’s, TIER 1’s and SYSTEM INTEGRATORS, interested in interacting with the companies present in a programme of b2b meetings.

The presence of SPII, not surprisingly in the “Innovation Hall” of the convention, with its own vision of putting the human being at the center of this new world, fits perfectly into the spirit of the convention.

As ambassadors of the Schaltbau Group we are bringing to the New Mobility and Renewable Energy market products and technologies capable of fully supporting this transition.

How are we doing it? Starting from the production methods.

Thanks to a new generation factory, called NExt Factory near Velden, (Munich, Germany) which will soon see the birth. A “green” building with zero impact on the environment.

Then proposing to the market products that use free air to perform their function, switch high DC currents safely, a bidirectional technology, already addressed today to the challenges of the near future.

All with a view to renewed environmental, economic and social sustainability.

A few numbers related to the automotive world: Italy is the fourth largest European automotive market after Germany, the United Kingdom and France. The Italian automotive industry is mainly concentrated in Turin and Piedmont: about 35% of the 2,467 companies active in Italy are in fact established here (Source: Automotive Industry 2020 by ITA – Italian Trade Agency).

To learn more: https://italy.vehiclemeetings.com/

See you next time,
Massimo Riccelli