Personal Oxygen Dispense

Personal Oxygen Dispense

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During this hard period of quarantine I realized that many things changed to me. I re-discovered the meanings of “some little things” (baking a good pizza, reading on the balcony, practicing yoga, waking up with someone I love, running in the park, breathing fresh air, listening to the birds singing..) that during my frenetic life I usually do not care or not realize their importance.

I re-discovered the natural flow of life and time that, careless of what is happening outside, It goes on, always.

As many things changed in my private sphere many things were improved into my working life as well. Smart working, working hours flexibility, new tools and virtual meeting rooms..All to maintain a sort of normality. And it worked and works to me.

Now, a question arise in myself: how to put together all the positive things that this quarantine brought into a “normal” life?

One of the hints for the answer, in my opinion, could be to develop the ability to switch off the brain at the right time in the right place. Right time depends on our personality and attitude. Right place it’s definitively a PLUS.

SPII has this PLUS and it is called Parco del Lura.

Situated at 400 m from my company, It is perfect for taking my time to have a breathe, having a good lunch, performing my athletics trainings and taking care of my health (mind and body. They used to say “mens sana in corpore sano”). But the most amazing thing is that this park is PUBLIC. Everyone can exploit it as they want.

Would you like to join @SPII team and me? You will be welcome.

See you next time,
Giulia Milani