LabVIEW methodology

LabVIEW methodology

LabVIEW methodology 1056 657 Spii

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – cit. Andre Gide

Continuous development needs people with #passion#curiosity and #courage.

Because technology is the door, but people is the key.

At SPII S.p.A., thanks to the introduction of our semiautomatic testing system using #LabVIEW, we improved the overall quality of the testing process!

The video below shows a small part of the semi-automatic execution of the test on a Master Controller.

The operator simply moves the lever throughout its travel and the system detects and checks the status of all the device outputs.

During the movement of the lever, each time one of the microswitches in the Master Controller is switched, the system checks the status of the microswitch itself, the value of the encoder, and the angular position of the lever at the moment of commutation.

For each commutation, if the parameters are within the tolerances specified for that device then a square indicator turns green.

With this new testing methodology, we improved the quality, efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of our tests.

See you next time,
Paolo Sala