Bring the game into everyday life!

Bring the game into everyday life!

Bring the game into everyday life! 2560 1717 Spii

We are no more fully alive, more completely ourselves, and more deeply absorbed in something, than when we play.”
(Charles E. Schaefer)

The game is one of our main primal instincts.

That’s why at SPII we have undertaken this challenge: to bring the game into everyday life!

The recreational component applied to daily life facilitates comparison with others, gratification and stimulates the improvement of one’s results.

We’ve known the concept of gamification since 2016 thanks to SPII EVO: an experience that has directed us towards a new way of seeing and experiencing corporate reality.

Companies are made up of people, and in our vision the human being must be at the center.

Over a year ago, to promote the introduction of new ways of operating, the R&D colleagues proposed to challenge each other by playing a game: changing is always difficult, but changing while playing is a little less so.

The creator of this initiative and speaker of the award ceremony was Giovanni Salati, who supported our CEO Paola Foiadelli during the awarding of the winners: Fabio Noseda (Most Reusable Designer) e Mirko Panoscia (One Shot Designer).

Paola Foiadelli, Giovanni Salati, Fabio Noseda
Paola Foiadelli, Giovanni Salati, Mirko Panoscia

Congratulations guys!

Our winners have been awarded a latest generation electric scooter.

The award was chosen thinking to environmental sustainability and electric mobility – in line with the growing role of the Schaltbau group in this area.

We thank the participants who got involved with determination and enthusiasm and the colleagues present at the award ceremony, for the joyfulness of this moment.

Let’s keep it up guys! #WhereverWeCan

Ps.: Being engineers, the winners had to assemble their gifts!

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli