LIUC & SPII 2560 1920 Spii
Roberto Foiadelli – Chairman of the board of SPII & Federico Visconti – Rector Of LIUC

We are always interested in promoting cultural and educational initiatives dedicated to students of schools and universities, where the talents of tomorrow “hide”.
Every year we offer new opportunities for internships and graduation theses, school-work alternation courses and access to our Spii Evo Graduate Programme.

Among the universities with which we collaborate, there is LIUC, the only Italian university founded by Unione Industriale di Varese, with the aim of offering training targeted to the demands of the business world.

In order to consolidate our collaboration, we had the pleasure of hosting and showing our reality to Professor Valentina Lazzarotti and Rector Federico Visconti.

It was a pleasant day of discussion on topic of innovation, digitalization and scalability of family businesses.

A master controller of a historic high-speed train and LIUC publication books were the symbol of an exchange that took place between our President Roberto Foiadelli and the Rector Federico Visconti: local industry and academic culture meet.

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli