Imagine what the future could be

Imagine what the future could be

Imagine what the future could be 2560 1881 Spii

The world is moving fast. Maybe too fast.

Too fast for us to slow down and check if the direction is right. We keep going, following the tracks someone else has laid down for us.

What if we stopped? What if we started again from scratch? What if we reimagined the future?

Imagine more what it could be...

We tried to do that, and this is what happened:

Welcome to a new future!

Welcome to a drivers’ cab that is truly designed for drivers.

Welcome to a human-machine interface that is easy to get. Just a basic configuration based on specific functions.

A solution that is simple to install. A plug-and-play system, that you just need to switch on to be ready to go.

Welcome to a really comfortable seat, with designed according to how the human body naturally works. Because safety comes also from ergonomics.

A design that is unlike any other.
Free space, minimalism, comfort: these are the keywords that drove us, with the intention of allowing the greatest possible field of view for the driver.

Welcome to the age of beauty, where attractive products work better.

Welcome to the future….no, to the present.

Intelliarm is real.

Imagine what it could be more…

See you next time!
Silvio Zuffetti