Happy everyone’s day, no one should feel excluded

Happy everyone’s day, no one should feel excluded

Happy everyone’s day, no one should feel excluded 1280 856 Spii
happy women's day

Today is a special day. A day to celebrate the force of creation, of change, of resilience.
A great day to remember what we should know everyday.

A day to celebrate the colleagues and team leaders sitting next to us, for the great job they are doing.
To be amazed by the decisions taken by our boss or manager, for the strength and the leadership shown.
To appreciate the relentless work of the assistant, the smile of the caretaker, the attentions of the train crew.

A day to remove the world “female” before any profession, not because it is more or less politically correct, but because it is just superfluous.

Today is the day of Francesca, who smiles at passengers boarding the train she works on because she loves her job. Or Ilaria, who can give for granted the fact that she is driving one.
It is the day of the Russian women, who can start doing this job for the first time in history.
But it is also the day of the countless women who, around the world, still can’t pursue their dreams.

It’s a day to remember that there are no limits, unless we decide so. That WE, humans, can do everything – when we are not told that we can’t.

Choose to challenge

hornet story

In 2021, the International Women’s Day theme is to challenge. Because that’s where change starts.

Do you know the story of the hornet? It’s said that, given the weight of its body and the dimension of its wings, he should not be able to fly. Yet he doesn’t know it, so he flies on and well!

Be it true or not, our challenge for everyone today is to dare being like the hornet.
Ignore what you are told you can not or should not do, just fly.

Just go #WhereverYOUCan.

Choose to include

Our call is for everyone – men, women, and all that falls between.

Because today should be a day of inclusion.
And Inclusion is for everybody, not just for women.
Inclusion means that we understand we can’t do anything alone: we need to join forces to succeed, despite of sex, ideals, roles, etc.

Today is a day when no one should feel excluded, much less so should men. There is no “International men’s day”, and we don’t want them to think we don’t value their role as we do! 😉

Today is a day to celebrate women in all of their forms. But most of all to celebrate friends, colleagues, bosses, train drivers, train managers…without any addition to it.

Happy International Everyone’s Day from SPII!

See you next time,
Ilaria Cazziol