Believing in young people is believing in the future

Believing in young people is believing in the future

Believing in young people is believing in the future 1536 1024 Spii

Spii is an Italian company, Center of Competence of the Schaltbau Group for the design and production of human-machine interfaces, where engineering combined with manufacturing experience allow to merge Technology, Ergonomics and Style in solutions in which the human being is at the center.

Our company strongly believes in young people and in the value they bring through innovation, the inclination to learning, new technologies and change in general.
For this reason, I quote a sentence from Dr. Paola Foiadelli, ex CEO of SPII who, on the occasion of the “From father to son” award winning – an initiative promoted by the Liuc University and aimed at rewarding the best generational transition in the Italian company – stated: “It is the people who make the difference. Believing in young people means believing in the future ”.

SPII has always contributed to the growth of young people both from a professional and personal point of view, collaborating with universities and upper secondary schools, in order to create direct contact between the worlds of work and education.
We offer students high-level training opportunities, with a view to intergenerational communication based on the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

It is our care to design different courses for each level of training, with the aim of transferring to young people “tailored” skills of their passions and suitable tools for a constantly evolving world of work.

Every year we promote new internship opportunities and degree theses, activating partnerships with various universities, such as LIUC, Politecnico di Milano and Università Cattolica.

Over the years, SPII has welcomed talents from various study paths: Engineering, Economics, Law, Sociology, Languages, Astrophysics and more.
Students with very different cultural backgrounds, but all united by curiosity and desire to do.

Our company is an active protagonist of various initiatives that offer students the opportunity to present themselves and apply, to become part of the company Graduate Program, which allows them to acquire greater responsibilities over time and to develop their growth path in SPII.

Every year, the company offers lessons to the students of the Automation of Electric Transport Systems course at the Politecnico di Milano, who always ask many questions.
This demonstrates the interest and validity of these initiatives, which proactively involve students to create a union between theory and the world of real applications.

SPII also collaborates with upper secondary schools in the area – such as the I.P.S.I.A. of Saronno – and higher technical institutes – such as the ITS Rizzoli of Milan, activating alternation school-work courses, aimed at 4th and 5th years grade students.
The goal is to develop an awareness of the business culture in young people, through support and tutoring activities for transversal skills and guidance.

We give students the opportunity to get to know and discover different business realities, such as: administration, general services, purchasing office, warehouse and production area, which includes wiring and assembly activities.

In this way, young people have the opportunity to get involved and deal with the world of work, to discover how important it is to work in a team and share ideas and knowledge.

Finally, moving on to middle school, SPII fascinates even the little ones, making them immerse themselves in “tailor-made” solutions in the railway and industrial automation sectors.

PMI Day is for us a fixed appointment with the younger kids, where enthusiasm, curiosity and desire to get to know each other are never lacking.
It is an initiative aimed at eighth-grade students to help them discover the world of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province of Varese.

We offer information on the company organization, examples of roles that can be covered in this reality and indications on the course of study to get to cover the various positions.
Children are given the opportunity to visit the company and in particular the Expo Hall, our showroom where historical products and the latest technological innovations relating to driver desks and components for subways, tramways and railway rolling stock are exhibited.

SPII is looking for passionate, curious and courageous people.
Initiative and a strong spirit are essential to undertake a career path in a challenging and constantly evolving context.
If you are interested in taking a “trip” with us, do not hesitate to send an email to

We are waiting for you!

See you next time,
Marianna Donadonibus