Railway sector and female inclusion

Railway sector and female inclusion

Railway sector and female inclusion 919 1024 Spii

The women who changed the world never needed to show anything other than their own intelligence.
(Rita Levi Montalcini)

We stand up for it!

I am Valentina Marrese: as a woman who has worked for SPII for years, I am proud to be part of an Italian company in which over 40% of employees are women. Most of these carry out office work (administration, purchases, etc …) while I hold the role of Sales Application Engineer, also working in the field and in close contact with customers.

I started my career as Customer Care but SPII immediately presented itself as a company projected towards the future, able to guarantee a path of continuous growth to anyone who puts their passion, will and commitment.

A special mention goes to our ex CEO, Dr. Paola Foiadelli, who was a source of inspiration and is the demonstration that welcoming change and accepting female sensitivity can lead to paths that we could never have thought of taking, and that a point of different and new view can open the doors of trains all over the world!

“For a woman who loves her job and who has the desire to become a mother, it is not obvious to have the serenity and the awareness that this life project will be positively welcomed by her company”, tells us Elisa Fuse, Project Coordinator for about 5 years old and a new mother.

“In Spii motherhood is welcomed with joy. To meet my needs, I was offered to work in Smart Working mode when this alternative was not yet so widely used. And when you wake up in the morning and don’t feel full strength it can really make a difference! ”.

Carola Portigliotti, Digital Process Specialist for about 1 year, also wanted to tell us about her experience:

“SPII definitely travels on an alternative track! Upon my arrival, I immediately perceived the project, much broader than the simple gender focus, which embraces the company: providing the correct tools to People, Women or Men who are. Among these there are certainly motivation and skills, which combined with the right growth opportunities provided by the company, allow each of us to realize our potential and increase our talents.

I am happy and proud to cover a role, in the Digital and railway sectors, where the prevalence is male, and to feel every day free to express myself as a Woman, on a personal and working level, in equal measure. “

“My mother stopped working when she was young to look after me and my brother” says Sara D’arone, who arrived about 3 years ago as a Junior Buyer during her Graduate Program and now Logistic Engineer.

The reality in which she worked did not allow her to be a mother and a worker at the same time. This today is her greatest regret and the greatest teaching she has given me: “never quit your job, your independence will make you a free woman”, she always repeats to me.”

When I arrived in SPII I looked around: many women, many young people, many mothers, some responsible for something and someone. I started working in a predominantly female team, I took part in important projects and on several occasions I had the opportunity to compare and exchange views with different people. These have always given me confidence and have given me the opportunity to express myself, to demonstrate my talent and to grow, both as a person and professionally. What made the difference was the result of my actions, not being a man or a woman.

Today I find myself at the helm of an almost all-male team and this is certainly not a problem, neither for me nor for the boys. Respect, trust and the race towards a common goal is what binds us. “

See you next time,
Valentina Marrese