Digital Transformation: People & Cloud

Digital Transformation: People & Cloud

Digital Transformation: People & Cloud 576 376 Spii

Digitization is the process that allows you to convert a size of the physical world into a numerical value, into an abstract but still real representation of the everyday life.
The hybridism of people’s lives becomes bigger every day, where the analogue world and the digital world are intertwined to help humans in their activities.

SPII, as a center of competence for human-machine interfaces, straddles the two worlds and, as such, favors and promotes the process of digital transformation of the processes that govern it.

Starting from the corporate vision, I believe we can agree that the keywords – or rather the foundations necessary for the completion of digitization – are: People, Processes and Technologies.

Digitizing a company is a long process that requires planning.
Infact, we have set ourselves annual goals to introduce new technologies, always keeping in mind the HCD (Human Centered Design) approach.
This is because we believe that Technology is at the service of People, who apply Processes that must be Agile to increase efficiency, productivity and quality.

The “New Normal” that has seen people’s habits change in the last two years has led SPII to reach some very important milestones in its digital transformation.
The first, in terms of time, was the installation of digital bulletin boards at strategic points, with the aim of guaranteeing all employees maximum transparency of information, in real time, about the news and company results achieved.

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The introduction of a new and innovative digital clocking in/out system allows, every day, to choose whether to use the classic card or an App-based system, with which, moreover, you can manage your card with the simplicity of a tap on your smartphone.

Important steps are being taken in the field of Augmented Reality, applied to the world of production and service, in favor of the quality of the work of the collaborators involved.

Of particular interest is also the latest achievement: the virtual switchboard. Thanks to this we have managed to make the paradigm according to which the receptionist figure has to remain eight hours sitting at a desk, sorting calls, without being able to do anything else obsolete.

Again, technology at the service of people.

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Finally, I would like to mention a project that is still being implemented but for which the company invests a lot of resources day-by-day, that is, the transfer of all our IT infrastructure to the Cloud.
In this way it is possible to increase the interconnection between colleagues, reduce connection dead times and facilitate the exchange of information and also safeguard the security of the data involved.

Confucius used to say “If you are looking for a hand to help you in your time of need, you will find it at the end of your arm”.

Today, at the end of our arm we could also find a robotic hand to help us and this is why digitalization becomes a fundamental player in our increasingly automatic but increasingly human world.

See you next time,
Carola Portigliotti