Tailor-made solutions for the Railway Industry

Tailor-made solutions for the Railway Industry

Tailor-made solutions for the Railway Industry 7146 3272 Spii

With a history of constant innovation dating back to 1947, SPII has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating tailor-made solutions in the field of human-machine interfaces.

During the latest edition of the Expo Ferroviaria trade fair on October 2023, we presented a range of products designed to meet the growing needs of the modern railway industry.


The main protagonist of this edition was undoubtedly IntelliArm, an avant-garde control station that was initially introduced as a concept at Expo Ferroviaria in 2021.

After receiving the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, IntelliArm traveled across Europe in a specially equipped van, kicking off an unprecedented roadshow to be showcased to European operators and manufacturers.

It returned to Expo Ferroviaria 2023 as a mature product, ready for implementation in concrete applications.
The installation of Intelliarm inside a “bogie car” creates a fascinating contrast between technologies from different eras, highlighting the incredible progress that has been made.

It also underlines SPII‘s fundamental philosophy: starting from the basics, reinventing the control cabin based on the needs of the people who use it.

Master Controller

In addition to Intelliarm, SPII presented a complete range of products that share the same philosophy. Among these, the new Master Controllers stand out. These devices were developed with the aim of improving posture and facilitating the repetitive movements of the driver. Thanks to specially designed control levers, they offer intuitive and precise control, while promoting a more comfortable and natural posture.


At the heart of the control cabins of any railway vehicle, the Machinist Footrests are a crucial component often overlooked.

However, the recent innovations presented at Expo Ferroviaria 2023 have ushered in a new era in ergonomics and control, bringing the arrangement of pedal controls to the forefront.

Thanks to carefully studied design, they represent a milestone in driving ergonomics. The layout of the pedal controls has been optimized to offer intuitive and comfortable control, minimizing the effort required by the driver.


Another key element of this new product range is the SIL 2 Full Screen Displays.

They combine the intrinsic safety of information with greater visibility through the integration of larger screens, without increasing external dimensions.

This means that operators can have a clear and detailed view of crucial information, enhancing their ability to make quick and accurate decisions.


The latest generation of manual earthing Switches represents a step forward in the safety and efficiency of railway maintenance operations.

In addition to ensuring safe access to equipment, these new devices feature innovations in terms of design and ergonomics.
The goal is to make the tasks of the maintenance operator, who must operate the switch for grounding, more manageable and efficient.

Thanks to a combination of reliable safety, electrical performance, and ergonomic design, these new devices significantly improve the work environment for maintenance operators, contributing to ensuring a safer and more efficient railway system as a whole.

SPII‘s vision and mission reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to optimizing interactions between humans and technology.
A future in which humans remain at the center of a technologically advanced and automated world is fundamental.
Even with the incessant progress of machines, human uniqueness and needs will never disappear, but rather must be valued and preserved.

With #passion, #curiosity and #courage, we will continue to chart the path to a better future, wherever it may lead.

See you next time,
Silvio Zuffetti