Simplicity and reliability: the tracks of the displays of the future

Simplicity and reliability: the tracks of the displays of the future

Simplicity and reliability: the tracks of the displays of the future 1000 600 Spii

“What happened to simplicity?” asked Charles Bukowski “we all seem put on a stage, and we all feel obliged to put on a show”.

Since the 1960s, a word has become part of our everyday life: “display” or “monitor“, that is, visualization peripherals for computers, calculators and other devices.

Two sides of the same coin

The technological evolution of recent decades has pushed us to surround ourselves with objects with the sole aim of “simplifying our lives“. However, technology seems to be going in just the opposite direction; companies, in the era of competition, are always looking for new functions, sophisticated and complex solutions. But, as we have seen, the goal of the end user is to simplify their work in the use of the various interface systems.

Which is the main feature of the human-machine interface par excellence, the display? It’s precisely that of incorporating increasingly complex technologies while maintaining the simplicity of their use. Well yes! Although there are various technologies supporting and serving these monitors, their function has remained almost unchanged; to present information on a screen in a visual or tactile way.

At SPII, thanks to our global presence, we are close to our customers and railway operators all over the world, and we make available our expertise in Technology, Ergonomics and Style.

The features

Our HMIs have the appearance of a classic display but contain the functions of a real touch screen computer. They are characterized by a very high degree of configuration (mechanics, hardware, software, connections) and the ability to customize the style according to the application without sacrificing use, installation and maintenance ease. Simplicity is creativity and elegance at the same time.

In full compliance with all the strict regulations of the various sectors and SIL certified, our high quality products offer high performances and reliability in any environment. Of course, we pay attention to the needs of our customers. But, at the same time, we use eco-sustainable materials in order to protect the environment around us.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Cit – Leonardo Da Vinci

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