MOSCOW 2020: Underground Renual

MOSCOW 2020: Underground Renual

MOSCOW 2020: Underground Renual 1284 700 Spii

On 21/09/2020 the new train of the Moscow Metro 2020 was presented. It entered service in the autumn of the same year.

Here you go one of the most beautiful train in the world: the new underground train of the Russian capital “Moscow 2020”.

Moscow 2020 is a latest generation train, completely innovative and has our driver desk inside!

During the official ceremony, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said:

“We started renovating the rolling stock of the Moscow Metro in 2010 and now we have one of the youngest fleets among the metropolitan systems in the world” […]

“Today we welcome the new Moscow 2020 train, which clearly surpasses its predecessors thanks to its parameters. […]
The Moscow Metro is considered as an example by the designers. Our wagons, built in the 70s, are still used in Europe today. The new generation “Moscow 2020” will certainly serve as an experience for Europe and America “.

The driver desk was designed according to the following guidelines: innovation, modernity and comfort.
Entry to the driver’s cabin is permitted using an individual access card which also activates the complete traffic control and safety system.
The new generation train driver desk is more ergonomic and has almost twice as few buttons thanks to the large touchscreen monitors.

The ceremony was also attended by the Locomotive Engineer Instructor Andrej Blochin: “The desk is avant-garde, modern, much more ergonomic than the previous ones, the software incorporates that of smartphones, which allows the train driver to make decisions faster, in complete safety “.

The deputy head of the project Arcadiy Sajzev was also interviewed and he underlined the importance of combining tradition and innovation, with a look at the future version of “Moscow 24”.

Spii is proud to be part of this great project and to be on board the trains of the future!

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli & Valentina Marrese