Let’s celebrate work in every shape!

Let’s celebrate work in every shape!

Let’s celebrate work in every shape! 1280 794 Spii
Labour day

We have a dream. Actually, it’s more like a vision.

It is a human being, not male nor female, just human. And it is at the center.

At the center of what?
Of everything, of course.

At the center of design decisions, taken to improve its comfort and its well-being.
Of business resolutions, because happiness and personal satisfaction are essential for every workplace to actually work.

And also at the center of a day like Labour Day: because we are all workers, and we all need to be celebrated, especially this year.

All the working people have faced challenges never imagined in the past months: from the businessman who didn’t know if he would be able to see the end of it, to the workman who wasn’t sure if the paycheck would arrive on time.

From the tourist guide who stared alone at their city’s local beauties, to the train driver who kept driving even when the trains were empty, their smile hidden behind a mask.

From the doctors who were fighting a terrible war with invisible enemies, to the restaurant owners who tried everything to keep feeding people a plate of joy.

From the mothers and fathers who had to learn to work alongside their children, to the teachers who kept the light of education lit for them from afar.

Even to the children, the working people of tomorrow, who are facing the greatest challenge today to become who they are meant to be.

We are all workers

workers working

We want to celebrate all the working people, every human being who is working towards some goal.

We need to celebrate our strength, our resilience, our endurance: it brought us so far, and it will help us overcome whatever has yet to come.

This year, on May 1st, let’s not remember only the fights and struggles which led us to have rights and security today on the workplace.

Let’s remember we are all humans, all working towards the same goals:
safety, for ourselves and our families.
Happiness and satisfaction.
A sense of purpose, of making a difference with our work, as tiny as it is.

This is something we should celebrate every day, and especially today, this year more than ever.

Happy Labour Day to every working person!

See you next time,
Ilaria Cazziol