IntelliArm: Revolutionizing Cab Layout

IntelliArm: Revolutionizing Cab Layout

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IntelliArm means Improved Cab Design and Environment Sustainability.

The revolution of the railway market passes above all through the cabin layout. Italy, the homeland of the Renaissance and of the famous way of thinking with its “Man in the center”, proposes a railway humanism to build an efficient working environment that surrounds the driver.

The cockpit is the meeting point between the end user and the car builder engineering who developed the design. Only by bringing the technological, style and ergonomics content to the top we can truly aim to revisit the cabin layout by introducing tangible advantages.

Volume and weight savings today are certainly the most popular elements in railway design. in an era in which the “Green ” and sustainability boost is becoming more and more concrete and current.

Acting on these parameters means moving towards a new design paradigm in which each accessory device often contained in the driver desk moves to much more accessible, maintainable areas. Topics we are going to cover in the next episodes of IntelliArm.

IntelliArm accompanies us to the discovery of a Driver Desk, in which the ratio between volume and technical content is extremely high, each I / O is optimally distributed, and each space is carefully designed to host a specific function. The result is a Driver Desk of unparalleled efficiency, in a perfect marriage between Engineering and environmental sustainability.

Volume and Weight

Although the innovations in the Railway field are often of a technological nature, going to act on individual components and processes, they are less inclined to evaluate the entire Control Package in its entirety.

Only a different approach can give birth to a product that is extremely aimed at reducing volume and weight, guaranteeing flexibility in the correct repositioning of all the devices in the cabin.

Volume: Defines the extension of a body, i.e. the space occupied by an object, in our case, the Driver Desk. It is expressed in m³.

Space Saving: IntelliArm Vs Regional Train Driver Desk

Decreasing the occupied volume and weight means drastically increasing the efficiency of the desk, a further objective of I / O interfaces, creating space in the cabin where to place what is currently sacrificed. Some examples are pneumatics and the personal effects of the Driver.

The innate compactness of IntelliArm also leads to the reduction of everything that is packaging, an increasingly important need for SPII’s commitment to sustainability.

Weight: Measured in Kg, it expresses the mass related to a specific object.

Weight: IntelliArm Vs Regional Train Driver Desk

A decrease in volume brings with it a consequent decrease in weight, a winning combo that allows the Car Builder to handle a concentrate of solutions that in optimal volume and weight, allows to reach the previous effectiveness in terms of operability.

In this case we can compare not only IntelliArm in the single configuration but also in its double essence, emphasizing that in both solutions compared to the desk of a regional train, the additional space created in the cabin is surprising.

Space Saving: IntelliArm Vs Regional Train Driver Desk

IntelliArm is thought to give you more with less. Reverse the traditional concept of Driver Desk without losing any of the classic advantages, indeed adding others. Thus creating space in the cabin for your personal belongings and preparing for an unprecedented experience. Design in the space for additional components and increase the maximum seating capacity.

Weight Saving: IntelliArm Vs Regional Train Driver Desk

It is incredible how reducing and limiting the overall dimensions consequently improves installation times. Consequently, it becomes possible to minimize installation personnel, tools and reduce the risks associated with installing the Driver Desk. Lightness means less energy expenditure for traction, IntelliArm is therefore the right choice for a Car Builder and an operator who want to be more sustainable than ever.

IntelliArm allows the Car Builder to completely redesign the cabin layout, bringing with it the only advantages that a simple, clean, light and less bulky installation can offer.

Driving innovation means being the spokesperson for all the aspects that both the Driver and the designer would like to improve, concentrating them at the center of the new railway humanism. The Control Package is at the center of the cabin, just as man is in the technological renaissance that IntelliArm is capable of underlining and bringing new life.

See you next time
Paolo Casoretti