Human Machine Interface: Risks and Ergonomics

Human Machine Interface: Risks and Ergonomics

Human Machine Interface: Risks and Ergonomics 1024 545 Spii

We are always eager to participate in initiatives aimed at training and informing specific aspects concerning our professional sector, as well as our passion.

We thank the CIFI for making possible our testimony at the webinar on the HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE, described from the point of view of ergonomics and psychosocial risks, with particular attention to the aspects of the UNI ISO 45003 standard.

This event was born from a new partnership between  CIFI – Italian Railway Engineers Association and SIPLO Italian Society of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, with the patronage of UNI Ente Italiano di Normazione.

This is a very significant new collaboration between psychologists and engineers, especially for the aspect of human and organizational factors in Safety Management Systems.

During the video call we discussed different topics, such as:

> What is ergonomics
told by Diego Rughi, Chairman of the Ergonomics Commission UNI Ente Italiano di Normazione;

> How to work for the protection of the human factor
explained by Alberto Crescentini, psychologist of SIPLO Italian Society of Occupational and Organizational Psychology;

> The new standard UNI 45003
described by Paola Cenni, member of the Technical Commission that issued the standard;

> Safety management systems and ergonomics of workplaces in safety tasks
explained by #ANSFISA;

> Application of ergonomics to sports car design
with the partecipation of Michele Fanti Ciupi of # Ergo21;

> Application of technical rules and ergonomics to the design of train driving stations
with the partecipation of our colleagues Silvio Zuffetti and Lorenzo Olivetto of SPII S.p.A.

Below, an extrapolation of the direct testimony of our colleagues Silvio e Lorenzo during the webinar.

Silvio Zuffetti, CTO & COO di SPII, presented our driver desk, making an excursus on the key development points in SPII: Style, Ergonomics and Technology.

Silvio Zuffetti – CTO & COO of SPII

Lorenzo Olivetto, Product Design Engineer of SPII, talked about the driver desk’s development process from an ergonomic point of view, going into detail about the differences between brief internal and brief external.

Lorenzo Olivetto – Product Design Engineer of SPII

It was a pleasure for us to take part in this webinar and we can’t wait to join new interesting initiatives!

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli