The importance of the Flex-ability Mindset

The importance of the Flex-ability Mindset

The importance of the Flex-ability Mindset 1024 670 Spii

Today we are talking about FLEXIBLE WORKING HOUR: a fashionable topic in recent times.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a huge increase in teleworking and other forms of flexibility, around the world, thanks to the use of technology.

The process of “work flexibilisation” has affected the whole world and has mostly been a response organizational to the contingent problems.

Spii believes in the importance of reconciling the needs of work and private life, seeing them as synergistic and not in opposition.

A peaceful private life allows people to live their work with greater energy.

There professional satisfaction allows you to fully live your private life without shadows and frustrations.

The real result does not consist in a “balance”, but in a win-win.

For several years we have embarked on the path of “work by target” instead of “time work”:

This allowed us – at the outbreak of the pandemic – to transfer all office activities from the offices to homes in just 3 days without having great repercussions in terms of performance.

Beyond the extraordinary measures for emergencies, our way of working includes:

Flexible lunch break

Our staff can decide to take a lunch break lasting from half an hour to an hour and a half – in the time slot from 12 PM to 14 PM.

You decide when to stop for lunch and for how long.

• Flexibility of working hours

About flexibility of working hours we mean the possibility of changing the entry time and the exit time on a daily and monthly basis depending on the needs of the company and the person.

The entry time is allowed until 9 AM.
The exit time adjusts according to the entry time and the duration of the lunch break.
It is possible to work from 6 to 10 hours / day by compensating for the hours on a monthly basis.

Smart Working

Our people, even after the emergency, will be able to choose where and when to work.

With great pride, we have found that this new work organization model has a positive effect on productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance.

Having the freedom to manage hours and the workplace allows you to reconcile your professional activity with family and social commitments

This represents an excellent opportunity to reap professional and personal satisfaction.

What do you think about it?

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See you next time,
Simona Gianoli