Fighting procrastination: #MakeItHappen & #Vision

Fighting procrastination: #MakeItHappen & #Vision

Fighting procrastination: #MakeItHappen & #Vision 1750 985 Spii

4. SPII’s Charter of Values – #MakeItHappen #Vision

We believe that doing today is better than doing tomorrow,
and that thinking about tomorrow makes today better.

Do you remember what our Vision is?

Don’t worry, here is a reminder:

Human beings stand at the center of the fully automated and robotic world of the future

Can you see what is special about it?
If you look closely, you will see that this statement combines present and future: we see the the world of tomorrow, which will be fully automated and robotic somehow, but we consider it as if it was already happening today.

We work today to make what we see for tomorrow happen. This is how we fulfill our #Vision – with a Value we summarized as:


The worst enemy for a Company

We came to believe that the worst enemy for a Company is procrastination.

Every single person in an Organization needs to fight this natural tendency: human beings tend to let today roll by without exploiting its full potential, because they believe tomorrow will be there to compensate.

But this attitude leads to accumulation: everything that is not urgent slips into tomorrow, forming a pile that keeps growing and growing, until it becomes simply overwhelming and impossible to complete.

We try to act accordingly to the old saying “never put off till tomorrow what can be done today“: doing today is always better when possible, because it avoids the accumulation of undone stuff on tomorrow’s you.

There may even be a worst one…

But action is not the only trap of procrastination. Another one, an even worse one if possible, is thinking.

We encourage our people, whatever their role in the Company, to especially “never put off until tomorrow what can be thought today“.

Because thinking about tomorrow is key to accomplishing what needs to be done the next day: organization is the best way to fight procrastination (shouldn’t this become a new proverb?).

Whenever our day is not planned, our priorities are not straight and our tendency to postpone is left unchecked, we end up swinging from one easy and unimportant task to the next, leaving today’s fuel to burst info flames tomorrow.

How do you put out a fire?

Fires are dangerous, but not as much as the people who let them spread.

The problem is, if you only mind putting out the fires that are in front of you today, you will end up burned to the ground anyway: new fires will spread while you try to control the existing ones!

#MakeItHappen means that you need to keep a balance between what you need to do now, what is as urgent as it is important, and what you can’t postpone indefinitely, because it is not urgent but it IS important.

Thinking, planning and organizing tomorrow allows you to avoid new fires, thus making tomorrow better.

What is “tomorrow” for you?

“Thinking about tomorrow” is easier said than done.

Because “tomorrow” is not as definite as a day of the week: it’s the future, the changes and challenges that are coming, the ones you are just starting to glimpse, but even others that you don’t even imagine yet.

It’s like putting human being at the center of the future world: for this to happen tomorrow, we have to start working in that direction today.

It doesn’t really matter if the future is one day, one week, one year or one century away. It will come, and you have to be ready.

Fighting procrastination means mostly this: knowing what “tomorrow” means for you.

From defining the Vision to planning the team’s activities for the next day, the time-frame can be very different.

In the production area, people work today on today’s tasks, but their manager has to think about next week’s activities.

The more you climb the Organization ladder, the longer you need to plan for: a month, a year, even the direction in 5-10 years for top management.

The important thing is to #MakeItHappen.

See you next time,
Ilaria Cazziol