A Red Dot for Intelliarm: SPII has won the top award for outstanding design!

A Red Dot for Intelliarm: SPII has won the top award for outstanding design!

A Red Dot for Intelliarm: SPII has won the top award for outstanding design! 1600 900 Spii

There are many awards for the design industry, but there is just one whose name is capable of giving a designer goosebumps. Or even better, just one color: the “Red Dot” is the most important and globally renowned award for high design quality.

An international jury assigns every year this sought-after red seal of quality to few selected products in every industry, precisely the ones that feature an “outstanding design“.

 And among the honored winners of this year’s edition, there is our latest creation: SPII’s IntelliArm!

We’re very proud of this achievement, that officially recognizes the success of an innovative design process and mentality. The development of Intelliarm has been the maximum expression of our MISSION: to provide the best conditions for the interaction between humans and machines, through the combination of #technology, #style and #ergonomics.

Intelliarm: our outstanding “human centered” design

We strongly believe that technology must serve people, that attractive things work better and that less is more.

That is why we adapted the framework named “User centered design” into our own “Human centered design.

In order to apply this approach to a train cabin, we decided to start from scratches. Literally, from a blank sheet of paper, in the center of which we put a human being: the train driver.

Then we proceeded introducing all the functions that the drivers need in their daily work, placing them in the most natural positions.
We chose the best technology, currently available in the most modern trains, and we re-shaped its form.

What emerged was this new, innovative and minimalist Human-Machine Interface: the result is Intelliarm.

The Red Dot Design Award’s international recognition

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design prize awarded by the German company Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG. There are three prize categories: for product design, brands and communication design, and design concept. Since 1955, designers and producers can apply for the prizes, with the winners being presented at an annual ceremony and gaining unparalleled exposure and recognition.

The official Letter to our CTO Silvio Zuffetti, signed by the Founder and CEO of Red Dot Professor Dr. Peter Zec, says: 

“Never before in the more than 60-year history of our design competition have so

many companies and design studios faced the professional judgment of our

international jury as this year. Products from around 60 countries reached us, and their

design quality and degree of innovation were evaluated in a process lasting several


Therefore, I am particularly pleased to inform you that your product was able to

convince our jurors and receive an award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.

Congratulations on this great achievement!”

Our emotions for this great achievement

”Our Vision consists in placing the Human Being at the center of the fully automated and robotic world of the future. An achievement such as the Red Dot Award is an outstanding evidence of how SPII’s team is fully committed to translating high principles into real products. Just Imagine what it could be!
Paola Foiadelli, CEO

“SPII’s Mission is to create the best interaction conditions between humans and machines by means of technology, style and ergonomics. The “human centered design” is the approach we use to develop our products, and we’re very proud that such a renowned recognition confirms that we are on the right path”
Silvio Zuffetti, CTO&COO

“The Red Dot Award is a prize that I have dreamed of since I was a student. I’m honored and proud of this result: it is worth all of my personal efforts and the commitment the whole Spii team put into this product. Thanks to all the team members who have been part of it…”  
Lorenzo Olivetto, Designer of Intelliarm