V-Desk – The Virtual Desk Reality

V-Desk – The Virtual Desk Reality

V-Desk – The Virtual Desk Reality 2000 1334 Spii

V-Desk is a device that offers an innovative cab design method based on Virtual Reality technologies at the highest level available today; this method fully incorporates technology, ergonomics and style into the decision-making process. Since a design is based on the embodiment itself, the process is to incorporate the operators within it, and engage in an immersive experience to manipulate and interact with imagined physical structures via the Virtual Technology. These technologies are already being used and have been successfully proven in the design of car interiors.

The UCD approach

The underlying philosophy of this method is: USER in the CENTER of the DESIGN process.

UCD is a framework of processes in which specific usability goals are thoroughly attended to at each stage of the design process, ranging from user’s attributes and habits, to the environment, to the tasks and workflow of a product, to the required service or processes. The essential difference from other product design philosophies is that UCD tries to optimize the object around how users can, want, or need to use it. In this way, the operators are not forced to change their behaviour and expectations to accommodate the product.


V-Desk is born from the collaboration between SPII & ITALDESIGN.

The view that both companies have in common is to place human beings at the centre of an increasingly automated world, emphasizing the abilities of every individual. The meeting of the two companies, each with different histories and its own list of success stories, has been an incredible opportunity to intensely intertwine experiences to develop the V-Desk. What was planned to be an excellence is now a reality: V-Desk.

V-Desk – born to be an excellence

V-Desk is IMMEDIATE: Setting up the experience takes significantly less time than building a physical mock-up. VR, being flexible, smart and versatile, allows us to drastically cut through times: 12-16 weeks vs V-Desk 4-5 weeks;

V-Desk is REALISTIC: Don’t give up on the feeling of real situations. The “virtual” perception is completely equivalent to that of a physical mock-up (traditional solution) offering numerous advantages in terms of customization;

V-Desk is EFFICIENT: More efficient than redesigning a physical mock-up as a response to any requests for changes in style and ergonomics by the customer. Go from one solution to another in the time of a simple click;

V-Desk is SCALABLE: Different people in different parts of the world can see the same unique experience at the same time by entering the same “Virtual Room”. Scalability is here to help us;

V-Desk is CONFIGURABLE: The features of greatest interest or major criticality (Master Controller, Panels, Display, Pushbuttons…) can be positioned, evaluated and moved in real time, within a limit of choices and default range.

V-Desk offers a full validation package.

Leave plenty of room for your freedom and imagination. Unlock or dismantle every single option in terms of customization and number of configurable parameters. Make the most of the complete offer capable of bringing uncountable advantages from technical officer to the final user viewpoints.

V-Desk, the virtual desk reality!

Learn more on http://www.spii.eu/our-solutions/intellicockpit-solutions/v-desk/

See you next time!
Francesco Colombo