SPII NEW ENTRY: Summer Meeting Room

SPII NEW ENTRY: Summer Meeting Room

SPII NEW ENTRY: Summer Meeting Room 2560 2408 Spii

At SPII, hospitality is at home!

We are pleased to present you our Summer Room!

Here is our new outdoor meeting room – set up on our terrace – which allows you to work, meet customers and organize meetings and events in the name of maximum brightness, ventilation, calm and environmental sustainability, guaranteed by energy savings.

The Summer Room can be used by all our collaborators even during the lunch break, as an extension of our current Sala Evo.

In addition to attention to the environment, our Summer Meeting Room goes far beyond the prescribed safety standards, lowering any risk of contagion to the limit given the healthiness and absence of closed places.

The idea of ​​creating this new professional environment comes from our vision: the human at the center.

We believe that this work area can represent a center of creativity and collaboration, an expression of the growing need to create workspaces where our collaborators and our guests feel at ease, while at the same time having all the tools they need to to be able to operate in total harmony.

In addition, with the summer, there is nothing more remarkable and unusual than working immersed in nature, with the birds singing, wrapped in a pleasant and productive setting to alternate moments of work with pleasant breaks.

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli