Beyond International Women’s Day

Beyond International Women’s Day

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On the desk of every SPII woman, this morning, a surprise bloomed: a small succulent plant, a symbol of tenacity, resilience and beauty. A simple but meaningful gift, celebrating the strength and value of our women, the pillars of the company.

March 8th is International Women’s Day, but at SPII, women don’t wait for a specific date to be celebrated. Our female colleagues are the backbone of the company, who with their strength, intelligence, and determination contribute daily to SPII’s success.

This year, however, we want to break the mold. We want to go beyond empty slogans and clichés that often surround March 8th.

At SPII, we believe in meritocracy without compromise: we don’t look at gender but at the abilities and talents of each individual. We want every person to excel and thrive, creating a dynamic and challenging work environment.

We also believe in the power of teamwork: collaboration and sharing different perspectives are essential to achieving great milestones. At SPII, we promote teamwork and dialogue, valuing the unique potential of each individual.

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