Railway Vehicle Engineer” CIFI Course at SPII

Railway Vehicle Engineer” CIFI Course at SPII

Railway Vehicle Engineer” CIFI Course at SPII 2560 1970 Spii

Saronno, March 6, 2024 – In an exciting day of knowledge exchange and passion for the railway sector, SPII welcomed participants to the “Rail Vehicle Engineer” course organized by CIFI at its headquarters in Saronno.

The technical visit, expertly guided by colleagues Francesco Colombo and Giovanni Lucchina, offered course participants a comprehensive immersion into the world of SPII, allowing them to experience firsthand the latest technologies that have been driving the company in the railway sector for 75 years.

The future railway vehicle engineers had the opportunity to:

  • Explore company installations: From production areas to research laboratories, participants were able to experience SPII’s reality up close, closely admiring the cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes that characterize the company.
  • Examine products: The experience allowed participants to delve into the details of SPII products, from design to realization, understanding their peculiarities and their impact on the railway sector.
  • Interact with experts: An open and stimulating exchange allowed participants to interact with SPII professionals, delving into doubts, curiosities, and specific aspects of the sector.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants were palpable: their eagerness to learn and engage with the challenges of the future of rail transport made the event even more special.

SPII is committed to supporting the education of the new generations of engineers, aware of their key role in developing cutting-edge solutions for railway transport. Collaboration with CIFI represents an important piece in this journey, which SPII will continue to pursue with dedication and commitment.

The event concluded with mutual appreciation: SPII expressed gratitude to CIFI for enabling this collaboration, while the participants expressed appreciation for the enriching educational experience.

The hope is that this day has helped prepare future railway vehicle engineers for the exciting challenges that await them in the world of rail transport.