Silvio Zuffetti appointed new CEO of Spii S.p.A.

Silvio Zuffetti appointed new CEO of Spii S.p.A.

Silvio Zuffetti appointed new CEO of Spii S.p.A. 1080 910 Spii

Silvio Zuffetti has been new CEO of SPII S.p.A (SPII) effective by March 30th, 2023. Silvio Zuffetti has been part of SPII for over 18 years, since 2017 as CTO and COO. SPII has been the Center of Competence for IntelliCockpits of Schaltbau GmbH since 2015 and was fully acquired by Schaltbau in July 2022.




“I would like to thank the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to take care of the people, the organization, and the business of SPII, which is an important part of Schaltbau GmbH,” said Silvio Zuffetti. “We come from a history of over 75 years, and we have a clear vision of the future. It will be a great challenge, but one that is worth facing”.

“The decision represents a great continuity with the past and clearly demonstrates trust in the Italian management,” said Mr. Roberto Foiadelli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPII Spa which was reconstituted as of March 30th, 2023.

Besides Mr. Roberto Foiadelli, Mr. Steffen Munz, CFO of Schaltbau Holding AG and Managing Director of Schaltbau GmbH, Mr. Jürgen Brandes, CEO of Schaltbau Holding AG, and Mr. Sergio Maria Vaccarini, CSO of SPII and Global Director of the IntelliCockpit business segment of Schaltbau GmbH have been appointed to the Board of Directors effective March 30th, 2023.


About SPII S.p.A.




Founded in 1947, SPII provides its customers with mechatronic components and systems, pursuing its vision: a future with humans at the center of a technological world. As the global competence center of the IntelliCockpit division of the Schaltbau group, it designs and manufactures innovative human-machine interface solutions for railway vehicles, electric mobility, and various other industries.

Looking at the challenges of the green transition, SPII also offers the entire Schaltbau component portfolio for industry, green energy, and electric mobility in the Italian market. The company also designs and provides tailor-made solutions for the propulsion of new electric vehicles, based on a deep engineering knowledge gained in 75 years of history and further strengthened within the Schaltbau Group.


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Schaltbau Gmbh


Founded in 1929 as a developer and manufacturer of contactors for the railroad industry in Munich, Schaltbau GmbH is now a global innovation and growth company for protection and safety solutions in the energy, industry, mobility and rail markets.

As one of the few DC experts worldwide, Schaltbau contributes this know-how as a founding member of the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA), which aims to establish a global direct current ecosystem as an important contribution to the global energy revolution.