How many things can you do with your feet?

How many things can you do with your feet?

How many things can you do with your feet? 1000 600 Spii

The human foot is a work of art and an engineering masterpiece (Michelangelo Buonarroti)

How many actions do you perform with your feet, often even without thinking about it?

Don’t just consider common actions such as walking or running but for example when you drive your car, when you practice your favorite sport and, perhaps, even in the workplace.

The position of the legs, and of the feet in particular, plays a central role in the work and driving stations, especially in cases where there are pedals or other controls to be operated with the feet.

While driving a train, for example, the driver operates the pedals to activate various functions, including the confirmation of “person presence and altertness” (dead man function), the operation of the sandboxes, of the horn and the adjustment of the footrest height.


As a center of competence for human-machine devices, we design and manufacture pedals according to the specific requirements of the customer, as well as use them integrated in our footrests and driver desks, always making available our expertise in Technology, Ergonomics and Style.

The main feature that identifies a pedal is the number and type of positions it must have.


For workstations subject to more severe working conditions, we offer products available in the catalogue but, at the same time, we are always looking for new solutions developed according to the customer’s needs. Products with IP protection, designed to withstand the access of water, dust and foreign bodies, are essential in these circumstances.

Our high-quality pedals offer high performance, reliability in any environment and durability and are present on driver desks all over the world from Europe to Australia, passing through Russia and America.


The output interface is customizable and configurable, via electrical connections, and / or communication protocols (Can Open, ethernet, Profinet etc). It is also possible to define the most suitable degree of safety, even with SIL certification.

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