#WhereverWeCan: when a philosophy turns into a value

#WhereverWeCan: when a philosophy turns into a value

#WhereverWeCan: when a philosophy turns into a value 838 1024 Spii

1. SPII’s Charter of Values – #WhereverWeCan

Our future, most of the time, depends on us;
when it doesn’t,
we can still decide how to deal with it.

If you ask anyone in SPII why we are going public today with our Charter of Values, they will tell you it’s not something that happened overnight.

It was a process that brought us here, a “journey called change that we overtook some years ago – or maybe it was the way we were following all along.

Be as it may, this journey brought us to different lands: places where the company culture “depended on us“, where we needed to live through an EVOLUTION to become who we were supposed to be.

It’s in these times of change and uncertainty that we started to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions.
Universal queries such as:

“who are why? Why are we here? Where are we going?”.

We knew those answers, because they were part of who we were since the beginning. But more and more we felt the need to write them down, make them our compass.

This is how our philosophy, #WhereverWeCan, was officially born.

As we started looking inward, in a difficult process of self-actualization and contemplation, we saw curiosity, courage and passion.
We saw people who believed in engineering as a process to making change happen, to innovate, to go beyond limits.

A company which was able to turn from a rail-focused approach to a competence-focused one, in order to achieve greater and wider things.

SPII was willing to go wherever inspiration led it, wherever curiosity stroke, wherever passion burnt. Wherever

We saw that we would go wherever we can

When something works well, you know it immediately. You can feel it, it’s like goosebump on your skin.

And WhereverWeCan” worked for us.
It represented our philosophy, who we wanted to be, how we wanted to be perceived.

It was a trail, actually even better, a track

It became our philosophy, our motto. We had gone wherever we could during our long history, starting off from a small industrial design studio for electrical appliances, growing into an international company with Schaltbau Group

And we would go wherever we could from there.

When Covid changed our world, we changed our habits, our working schedule, our whole culture towards flexibility to keep going.
When we needed to innovate, to do something really new, really out of the way, we created Intelliarm.
When we wanted to change our industry, we tried to do so with V-Desk. When it depends on us, we go for it.

And when something is out of our reach, when it doesn’t depend on us, we adapt.
We can’t fight Covid, we can’t change a war, we have no power over recession, political turmoil or the prices of gas rising.

But we can choose how to respond.

We can decide to concentrate our efforts, reduce our wastes, try new approaches. And we do.

This is what “wherever we can” means for us. It means we know what that “can” stands for.

We are the makers of our own future – we always have a choice to do so.

This is why we knew immediately what would go in the first place of our Charter of Values.

We knew it would be our mantra:


See you next time,
Ilaria Cazziol