Company processes at the service of products

Company processes at the service of products

Company processes at the service of products 1000 600 Spii

Company processes are the way to achieve the best possible quality for products designing, manufacturing and validation. In this article we will focus on the quality process applied to validation, especially the activities from the customer needs to the completion of the product SIL assessment.

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level and it is intended as a risk reduction upon a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF). These risk levels, linked to customer defined safety functions, are identified through risk matrixes and other mathematical calculations function on how the total safety is allocated upon the entire train system. SIL lever are going from Basic Integrity Level (the lowest, less safe) to SIL4 (the highest and safest).
Achieving a certain SIL level means having a sufficient organization to guarantee existence and independence of the involved company functions. Moreover, a design, verification and validation process for both hardware and software able to manage requirement and to generate drawings, source codes, type tests and report is essential for this goal.

SPII is able to provide SIL products solutions for both hardware and software according to standards EN 50129 and EN 50657 and manage its own design process in quality according to standard ISO/TS 22163

Master controller functions such as dead-man device, operator presence control, analog and digital encoder outputs, even if developed with software assistance, can be SIL certified, fully embracing the fusion of technology, ergonomics and safety, at the basis of SPII working philosophy. 

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