People are at the centre. This is our vision and it is concrete!

We are pleased to present a new project, in partnership with the consulting company The Adecco Group, focused on the theme of CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK.

A permanent program – like our Academy – which will consist of a series of periodic meetings with an expert consultant from Adecco, where the focus will be on the level of satisfaction and opportunities for improvement of our company staff

The basic idea is to put everyone in a position to give their best.

The goal is to increase the level of personal satisfaction of each and consequently to bring greater value for the person himself, for the team, and for the company.

Once again, the real protagonists will be the people of SPII, where the main targets will be:

  1. Promote reflection and self-awareness on how the corporate reality of SPII is perceived and experienced by people
  2. Reflect on the characteristics of the working context
  3. Promote organizational well-being at 360 degrees

The process underlying the Continuous Feedback project involves 3 fundamental steps:


It consists of a survey on the corporate climate that will provide an overview of the intangible variables, that is, those that reveal how the company reality within the organization is experienced and perceived by employees.

The answers of the questionnaire will not be anonymous, as the collected data will serve as the basis for the individual comparison that will take place after the questionnaire.

However, the data of the questionnaire will be guaranteed by total privacy and will be shared with our company only and exclusively in aggregate form.


The contents of the individual comparison will be personal and will allow the sharing of the results and issues that emerged from the corporate climate survey.

They will allow the individual study in relation to critical issues, suggestions and expectations.


The individual interview will be re-proposed after 3 months, 6 months or 1 year to continue the development and comparison process undertaken.

The time interval between the interviews and the follow-up will be established based on the comparison had in the first interview.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
(H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

SPII wishes everyone to reach their goals! Good path to all!

See you next time,
Simona Gianoli