Spii is an Italian company and is the Human Machine Interfaces Center of Competence of the Schaltbau Group.

Spii solutions, used all over the world, ensure a deep driving experience that is both satisfying and safe.

Spii moves forward the future looking for innovative and challenging ideas, living engineering as a journey towards the change based on technology, ergonomy and style. 

Wherever we can take inspiration, with curiosity, passion and courage.

Human Machine Interface

The cooperation between man and machine is becoming more and more intensive empowering the opportunities to discover more and more innovative solutions and changing technological traditional paradigms.

The rhythm of this change process is amazing!

Software and technology merge together to create unique control systems and simplify complex functions through intuitive and safe interaction, in order to guarantee a standard of ergonomics that is more and more advanced.


Unique value
Technology for People.

Technological evolution is inspired by people.
SPII technology is designed to serve people, it adapts to human behaviour and learns from it.
The know-how evolves in a sustainable way and to serve people, while ensuring a unique value.

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SPII was founded in Milan in 1947 by Angelo Foiadelli as Studio Professionale Ingegneria Industriale.

In the late 80’s under the leadership of Roberto Foiadelli, it became a market leader for components and safety devices for railway and industrial applications.

Since 2015, SPII has been the global Centre of Competence of the Schaltbau Group, as Strategic Partner Intelligent Interface.

Strategic Partner
Intelligent Interface

Technological solutions since 1947

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The Community

Even the simplest story can surprise.

The community is a space for inspire new ideas, a place in which we can share
technologies and experiences, a space that join people from all over the world.


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Latest News

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Don’t think about #What nor #How: what is your #Why?

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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The art of always thinking #WinWin

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